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dimecres, 3 de maig de 2017


It was founded in the town of Porreres (Mallorca) on 2 July 1934 with the name of Union Sportiva Porreras, although it is the continuation of Porreras Football Club founded on August 1, 1923. In 1926 islanders equipment were affiliated to the Federation and Catalan were distributed into two groups: first class and second class: (leeks are part).

Porreres club has played in different categories of  Balearic football and the third national division. In 1935 championship has played second category of Mallorca, in which teams participated Iberia, Palma,Gimnastic Felanitx, Porreres, Racing de Manacor and Alaró.

Football in Porreres during the twentieth century has had three important periods: during the 20s, being one of the first pioneers of football clubs island, between 54-59 years and from 1975 to 1985.

His most notable achievement was promoted to the national third division season 1976-77 after a tie with CD Touring Errenteria, 3 to 0 in Errenteria and 5 to 0 in n'Hereveta.

The president was Jordi Rosselló Lliteres. A few decades ago the home was one of the most powerful scene island, at a time when there appeared in its ranks players like Bienvenido, Torrado, Forteza, Faba, Boyero ... In season 1977-78 he played for the first once the Copa del Rey against Espanyol Sant Vicent won the first game by 2 to 1 in Porreres and losing the return 4-2 (4-5 overall).

In 1979-80 he played against SD Formentera losing the tie 2-3 (2-2 and 0-1 return leg). In the 1982-83 season he played two games of the Cup tie against Real Mallorca in Palma losing 4-0 (0-2 / 2-0). A Cup of 1983-84 eliminated the Badia losing Porreres (1-1) on penalties after tying the first leg (0-0).

On 16 July 1985 he resigned the third division balear the lack of managers who ensure the management of the club and its place is the SCR Peña Deportiva Ibiza not regain its former glory.

Lluís Sitjar was one of his most famous presidents.

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  1. I didn't know that CD. Porreres had such an interessant story, that's cool.
    With an story like this the players have a reason to play motivated.